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ENGIE’s North American portfolio of solar PV projects under development consists of 3,000 MWac of solar projects throughout ERCOT, PJM, TVA, SPP and MISO. ENGIE’s US portfolio of operational solar projects consists of 232 MWac of utility scale and distributed generation projects and 600 MW of contracted projects expected to be operational in 2020. Below are some samples of operating facilitates and projects under construction that have been publicly announced:

Solaire Holman (Texas)

In April 2017, ENGIE achieved commercial operations of the 64.5 MWp Solaire Holman project located in Brewster County, TX. The project consists of a 64.5 MWp solar electric generating facility using poly-silicon technology and single axis trackers to generate electricity for the ERCOT wholesale electric system. The array is selling 100% of its output under a 20-year PPA to the City of Houston, TX.

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We’re very proud to serve the City of Houston, a national innovator and substantial customer by any measure. One of the most gratifying parts of our work at ENGIE is aligning with customers to provide the best value we can. Through SolaireHolman, the City of Houston will strengthen its energy portfolio with clean, low-cost solar power for the benefit of all the people who live and work in this vibrant community.

64.5 MWp Solar Project

Long Draw 1 (Texas)

In June 2019, ENGIE declared FNTP on its 225 MW Long Draw 1 Project in Borden County, Texas. The project will sell 100% of energy settled at different ERCOT hubs and busbar via a physical PPA to four Texas municipal utilities: Denton Electric Municipal Utility, New Braunfels Utilities, Garland Power & Light and Kerrville Public Utility.

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225MW Solar Project

Anson Phase 1 (Texas)

ENGIE signed a hybrid wind/solar VPPA with Microsoft selling 85 MW of solar from Anson Phase 1 and 147 MW from Las Lomas wind project. This hybrid structure also includes a Volume Firming Swap Agreement provided by ENGIE’s trading group. Expected COD for Anson Solar is in Q4 2020, and the project will have a total capacity of 200 MW. The remainder of the project’s capacity will be purchased by another corporate customer.

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This is really innovative, and really a first-of-a-kind for two reasons. The first one is that PPAs normally cover one technology — wind or solar. Here it is a cocktail of wind and solar. [The second is] the profile of production can fit the consumption profile. That means, this is essentially an “as-consumed renewable PPA.”

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Sand Fork Solar (Texas)

In June 2019, ENGIE entered into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Target Corp. for 89 MW of capacity from the Sand Fork Solar Project in Texas, and the project is slated to come online in Q4 2020. In addition to providing clean, renewable energy, the project will have a positive economic impact in the local area, namely through local construction jobs and purchases of local goods and services.

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By serving Target with the Sand Fork Project, we’re proud to help shape a sustainable future for customers and communities and reinforce our ambition to lead the zero-carbon transition.

Image: 89 MW

Bluestone (Virginia)

In January 2019, ENGIE signed 50 MW virtual PPA with a large corporate buyer for Bluestone Solar Project in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. The project is expected to declare the FNTP in July 2019 and the expected Project COD is in September 2020.

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We are pleased to be able to help our customers meet their renewable energy goals by bringing additional renewables to Virginia and supporting an innovative new renewable energy tariff offered by PGE in Oregon.

50 MW Virtual PPAs Solar Project